It’s officially the holiday season. A special time of year where we give to our loved ones and friends and show our compassion towards others who need it most. Many businesses within our community come together to show their support to help residents, especially ones battling with homelessness. Local company Judd & Black Appliance shows their compassion by partnering with 92.9 KISM’s Brad & John in the Morning, for a toilet paper drive that benefited The Friendship House located in Mount Vernon.

Toilet Paper Drive Donations Surrounded by Seahawk Mascot
Toilet paper is an often forgotten, but much needed, donation. Photo credit: Lisa Miller

“Judd & Black has been serving families north of Seattle for over 78 years,” says Thomas Stoneham, who  is a member of the marketing team at Judd & Black Appliance. He went on to discuss how they love being able to show support by bringing important necessities to the community, as well as teaming up with local companies and holding events like the toilet paper drive.

A few months ago, Judd & Black Appliance lost their Everett location due to a fire. The building was the oldest ever built in Everett, serving many purposes for the City throughout history. After losing a building that held so much sentimental value, Judd & Black Appliance have continued to show support to the people in the community, who also understand the feeling of losing something so meaningful to their lives – a building to call home.

Many families within Skagit County struggle with homelessness as the amount of affordable housing slowly decreases every year. The holidays can be stressful for many families who find it difficult to bring the bare essentials home, let alone gifts. The Friendship House of Skagit County is a place of shelter and helps people in need of food, clothing, and anything else to get back on their feet. They also offer programs to people get back into the workforce, so they can once again live an abundant life.


Toilet Paper Drive Brad and John standing in Truck with A pallet of donations
Brad and John from 92.9 KISM standing in truck receiving pallets of donations for Toilet Paper Drive. Photo credit: Lisa Miller

Hunger for Hope is one of their programs that has helped many residents within Skagit County get back on their feet, while gaining experience with the food industry. They also help with crafting resumes, so that people are confident to walk into a future interview.

Annual Toilet Paper Drive: Giving a Little Gives a Lot

For the third time, Judd & Black Appliance, along with 92.9 KISM, came together with The Friendship House for a toilet paper drive. Held at Judd & Black Appliance’s Mount Vernon location, the drive seeks to fill an overlooked but very important need – Toiletries. These items are often forgotten when people donate to local shelters, toilet paper being one of the most important, and there is often a shortage. “We do this every other year, this being our third time,” says Thomas. “We’re very community oriented so we love to be able to give back to our community, who has been supporting us for many years.” This event is only held every other year because every time they hold the Toilet Paper Drive, they receive so much product it lasts at least two years for The Friendship House.

Toilet Paper Drive- Brad & John In Front of Donations
Brad & John from 92.9 KISM Broadcasted live at Judd & Black Appliance for their bi-annual Toilet Paper Drive. Photo credit: Lisa Miller

Broadcasting the event live from Judd & Black Appliance, Brad & John in the Morning from 92.9 KISM, discussed the event on their show in order to bring awareness to the community. After the event, Brad and John were surrounded by towers of donations that the community offered as a way to help residents that need it most. Truckloads of donations have been dropped off that will drastically help The Friendship House.

The outpouring of donations would warm even The Grinch’s heart. I believe the holidays are the time of year where we should give more and receive less, and after witnessing the amount of care our community has for the those in need, it really opened my eyes to the amazing people that reside in Skagit County. Without the help of the wonderful people in Skagit County, this drive would not be what it is today. The holiday spirit is alive and well in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

If you missed the event, you can still make donations directly to The Friendship House, they would gladly accept anything that you have to donate.


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