Cozy Up at One of These Public Fireplaces in Skagit County

It’s cold outside. You’re freezing inside. Wouldn’t a warm, cozy fireplace be nice? If you’re like me, you probably don’t have your own fireplace to enjoy. So, for anyone looking to cozy up beside the hearth this winter, these are some Skagit County places where you can enjoy that toasty ambiance.

Skagit County Fireplaces Woods Coffee
Woods Coffee’s decorative fireplaces are appealing to the guest seeking a quiet place to watch Netflix. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

If you’ve spent at least half a day in Skagit County, you’ve probably noticed a Woods Coffee  giving Seattle’s Starbucks a run for their money when it comes to warm, cozy cafes. Besides their fantastic coffee, one of the perks to Woods’ is that nearly all of them, if not all of them, have gas fireplaces tucked away in their cafes surrounded by comfy arm chairs. Typically located near busy intersections, duck in to a Woods Coffee first thing in the morning on your way to work and enjoy a few stolen minutes in front of the fireplace. Or on your way home from work retire for the day and lounge in front of their fireplace before bed. Check out their awesome PNW swag while you’re there, especially when it’s gift-giving season.

Another coffee shop giving Starbucks a run for their money in the Skagit area is Whidbey Coffee. The Burlington location on Marketplace Drive has a modern building in a very commercial shopping center, complete with an indoor/outdoor gas fireplace. There is ample seating inside and out this cafe with multiple large, cushy chairs around the hearth. This is a great spot to take a load off after running around the shopping center all day. The combination of a delicious Whidbey coffee and roaring fire will keep you toasty on even the chilliest of days. Take a moment to enjoy some people watching and fresh air, or chat with friends at the inside fireplace, whichever mood you are in, Whidbey Coffee provides the best of both worlds.

Skagit County Fireplaces Whidbey Coffee
A couple kicks back with some caffeine at Whidbey Coffee’s outdoor fireplace. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

Haggen in Mount Vernon has a gas fireplace in their deli section. This is another great spot to stop and relax while you’re out and about running errands like grocery shopping. While this fireplace may lose points for ambiance with the spread out, cafeteria-style seating, it certainly gains points for convenience. Their fireplace is built with the large, round stones iconic of the Pacific Northwest, giving it a good, friendly character.

You may be surprised to learn that the local cannabis dispensary in Sedro Wooley, Smuggler Brothers, has a warm and inviting atmosphere. With a lounge chair and ottoman placed in the center of the store right in front of a gas fireplace. Strike up a conversation with the friendly staff when they’re not busy. Be ready to share, there’s only one chair to lounge in so first come, first serve.

Skagit County Fireplaces Smuggler Brothers
A Smuggler Brothers staff member takes a short break in the cannabis dispensary’s lounge chair in front of the fireplace. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

In Anacortes quite a few restaurants have fireplaces. Most notable may be the Swinomish Casino’s restaurant, 13moons. Besides the luxurious and comfortable lounge area downstairs with its large screen TV and gas fireplace, 13moons offers a very large outdoor fireplace overlooking Padilla Bay. In addition to the breathtaking view and ample patio space, this hearth deserves special recognition because it really resembles a natural fireplace. Another great thing about their fireplace is the food selection and free Wi-Fi, so even if you’re not a guest at the casino, you can enjoy multiple things at this spot. However, be aware that 13moons doesn’t open until 4:00 p.m.

Skagit County Fireplaces 13moons
The spacious fireplace at 13moons has a gorgeous view of Padilla Bay. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

Another notable Anacortes hearth is at the Majestic Inn’s 5th Street Bistro. They also have a rooftop lounge that opens after 4:00 p.m. complete with a burning hot fire pit in the summer time. Downstairs at 5th Street Bistro, a fireplace that could remind you of home, burns in their lounge during this time of year. You never know who you may strike up a delightful conversation over cocktails with at this lounge. Come here for a romantic dinner or a peaceful getaway. Just across the street is A’Town Bistro with a stunning menu and equally romantic atmosphere, albeit a bit cozier and a tad less spacious. This dimly lit bistro offers a cute, little gas fireplace elevated above two waiting chairs near the hostess stand, directly within eyesight of half the seats in the restaurant.

Skagit County Fireplaces 5th Street Bistro
Two couples enjoy 5th Street Bistro’s happy hour in front of the fireplace. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

There’s a variety of places to go if you are in the mood for a little fireplace ambiance in Skagit County. Whether you are looking for casual, romantic, chill, bustling, cocktail hour or even 420 friendly. Take your pick, they’re here for you to enjoy. Take advantage of this time of year to get out there and go inside to enjoy some warm, cozy fireplaces.

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