Skagit County has dog friendly trails all around. From the coast, to the city, to the mountains, there’s a place for you and your dog somewhere. If you’re interested in broadening your horizon and getting outside with your pup more, here are few great places in Skagit County to walk your dog.

Sauk Mountain

Skagit County Dogs Sauk Mountain
Sauk Mountain is a great place to get some amazing photos. From left: Cooper, Marley, Kato, Ellie and Delilah. Photo credit: foxandthegremlin

Co-ordinates: 48.5213, -121.6071, Rockport
Roundtrip: 4.2 miles
Elevation gain: 1,200 feet

The great thing about Sauk Mountain is it’s an extremely doable outing for even the most novice hiker. There is a high reward, low work out advantage that allows for the addition of a dog to be manageable, even if you’ve never taken them hiking before. Please remember to keep your dog on a leash, however, as this hike is full of marmots and we want to be kind to our wild denizens.

Cascade Trail Corridor

24700 Highway 20, Sedro-Woolley
Roundtrip: 22.5 miles
Elevation gain: 0 feet

If you and your canine are runners, Cascade Trail Corridor is for you. With minimal elevation gain and a lengthy mileage count, you can train for cross country practice and wear Fido out at the same time. Turn around at any time adjusting your run to the length that suits you and your dog best. There are many resources if you’re interested in learning how to run with your dog such as Running With Your Dog and How to Train Fido to Run At Your Side, If you’re competitive you can contact a local sled dog group about the sport, canicross. Be sure to get the gear that makes running with your dog more manageable like a hands-free leash and a distance harness.

Washington Park

Skagit County Dogs Washington Park
Washington Park has plent of lush grass for rolling and running. Photo credit: Karin Sibilo

6300 Sunset Ave, Anacortes
Roundtrip: 2.2 miles
Elevation gain: 280 feet

Washington Park is a city park with views of the Olympics and San Juan Island. Your pooch will love exploring the trail by the water, in the forest, or through the meadow. Feel free to book a campsite and take your canine companion camping. Or if you have a boat, you can take Fido out on the water. Washington Park has a variety of opportunities for you to spend an entire afternoon out with your best friend.

Rockport State Park

51905 State Route 20, Rockport
Roundtrip: 5 miles
Elevation gain: 250 feet

Rockport State Park is a trip into the depths of some of the most untouched forests Washington has to offer. Less than an hour east of Mount Vernon, this state park will enchant all canine and human senses with sounds of water, smells of earth and wildlife, sights of old growth forests, tastes of lichen habitable air quality, and textures of moss and moist soil. This activity is fun for the whole family, including the dog.

Bark Park

Skagit County Dogs Bark Park
Sedro-Woolley’s Bark Park is a great place to give your dog some off-leash exercise. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

10301 Elm Lane, Sedro-Woolley
Roundtrip: 1 acre
Elevation gain: 0 feet

Dog park users at Bark Park describe it as a relatively busy park with dog owners trickling in and out throughout the day. Officer Carr reportedly does a great job of overseeing and responding to the needs of the community. Many park users also say they enjoy this particular park because it is less muddy than other dog park options in the area. According to multiple dog owners, park users here are well versed in dog park etiquette, therefore dog owners feel their fur babies are safe.

Skagit River Walk

509 S. Main Street, Mount Vernon
Roundtrip: 4 miles
Elevation gain: 52 feet

Skagit River Walk is a nice and easy dog-friendly walk in downtown Mount Vernon that anyone can do. It may not be the ideal choice for reactive dogs who get nervous in crowds or around a lot of passerby, however. Poop bags are available to dog-walkers along the path, please remember to use them as there is a lot of foot traffic here.

Deception Pass

Skagit County Dogs Deception Pass
Deception Pass has gorgeous views both you and your dog can appreciate. Photo credit: June_and_Todd

Co-ordinates: 48.4169, -122.6512, Anacortes
Roundtrip: 5 miles
Elevation gain: 350 feet

If you’re looking for a day trip to enjoy with your dog, Deception Pass has everything you need. With an abundance of biodiversity and breathtaking scenery, your dog’s nose will feel as fulfilled as your eyes. Just be sure to keep Rover away from any cliffs so as not to expedite any impending erosion.

Bakerview Dog Park

3101 E Fir Street, Mount Vernon
Roundtrip: 1 acre
Elevation gain: 0 feet

Since Mount Vernon is the largest local city, Bakerview Dog Park is conveniently located for over a quarter of the population in Skagit County. This park is said to be reliably occupied throughout all times of day by dog park users. Remember to pay attention to dog park etiquette so all puppy play dates end on a positive note for all community members.

Oyster Dome

Skagit County Dogs Oyster Dome
Arthur the corgi regards the world as his oyster at Oyster Dome, and so can your dog. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

Co-ordinates: 48.6096, -122.4264, Samish
Roundtrip: 5 miles
Elevation gain: 1,050 feet

Another great hike for anyone is Oyster Dome. With just enough elevation gain to make you sweat, your dog will also enjoy a break when you gaze across the vista of the San Juan Islands at the trail end.

Rasar State Park

38730 Cape Horn Road, Concrete
Roundtrip: 3 miles
Elevation gain: 20 feet

Rasar State Park is a great day trip destination or overnight vacation for you and your dog. Walk along the Skagit River or trek through the second-growth forests with Spot. Reserve a campsite to make your excursion an overnight adventure.

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