There’s nothing quite like a good burger. Whether you’re exhausted from a strenuous day, celebrating a major achievement, or just want to treat yourself, the combination of meat, bread and a variety of toppings is hard to beat. And with vegetarian alternatives and gluten free buns, there are options for virtually everyone. Skagit residents and visitors are lucky to have a host of options to satisfy their cravings, whether it’s a quick burger to go or a sit-down meal washed down with a drink or two. Here’s a list of where to get great burgers in Skagit County.

Trainwreck Bar & Grill

Burgers in Skagit County Trainwreck Bar and Grill
Trainwreck Bar & Grill offers gluten free buns and sweet potato fries to pair with their gourmet burgers in Burlington. Photo credit: Alex Smith

427 E Fairhaven Avenue, Burlington

Trainwreck Bar & Grill gets its name from the train tracks running just a few yards away from the doors. But the kitchen is far from what the name might imply. Using locally sourced ingredients, they have quite the range of burgers. You can choose from elk, salmon, beef, or a house-made veggie patty and toppings include local mushrooms, bacon, and even jalapeño poppers. Gluten free buns are available and the sweet potato fries are excellent. Whether you live in Burlington or are just passing through, this is definitely a destination to hit. Check out the menu and more at the Trainwreck Bar & Grill website.


510 Commercial Ave, Anacortes

Maybe my favorite burger in Skagit County, Adrift makes a name for themselves by finding locally sourced ingredients and using them in amazing ways. The roasted garlic burger with brie and pickled red onions makes my mouth water just thinking of it. You can also choose a burger with seafood of your choice, and gluten free buns are an option. The herb roasted oven fries are the perfect pairing, with a soft but slightly crispy texture and lots of flavor. The setting is pleasant as well, and you’ll find plenty of nautical themed decorations to keep you entertained while you wait on food. You can visit Adrift’s website to check out the amazing burgers as well as the rest of the menu.

The Corner Pub

Burgers in Skagit County Corner Burger
The Corner Burger at the Corner Pub is decadence at its peak. Bring a big appetite! Photo credit: Alex Smith

14565 Allen West Rd, Bow

Located in the flats of Skagit Valley near Bow and surrounded by farmland, The Corner Pub is a real diamond in the rough. You might not even notice it if you were driving by, but it’s certainly worth a stop if you’re anywhere near. There are only two burgers on the menu, so you have to choose whether to go with a classic or just be completely outrageous. I choose to go with the latter and get the Corner Burger, which has local beef, pork belly, onion rings, and a slightly spicy aioli, plus lettuce and tomato. You may have to stretch your jaw muscles before your first bite, but it’s worth it. If you want to go for the more standard option, you can also get a burger with local beef or a veggie patty. Outside seating makes this a great summer destination to find one of the best burgers in Skagit County. Find out more at Bow Corner Pub’s website.

Trumpeter Public House

416 Myrtle St, Mount Vernon

Trumpeter Public House, located in downtown Mount Vernon, is another great option for a delicious burger. Options range from the standard cheeseburger with Gouda to a Mediterranean style lamb burger with tzatziki, pickled red onions, and feta. In the restaurant you’ll find classy décor with lots of wood and a relaxed atmosphere. After you eat, you can walk just a few paces to the river to help yourself digest. You can see pictures and find a menu at Trumpeter Public House’s website.

Skagit Valley Burgers Express

Burgers in Skagit County Skagit Valley Burgers Express
Skagit Valley Burgers Express in Sedro-Woolley has many types of burgers on their menu, sure to satify any craving you have. Photo credit: Alex Smith

1172 W State Route 20, Sedro-Woolley

If you find yourself in Sedro-Woolley and need to recharge, Skagit Valley Burgers Express is a great stop. Right on Highway 20 and just west of town, you’ll find a trailer that cooks up some great burgers. Beef, veggie and chicken burgers are all options. The bleu cheese burger with grilled onions is unique and flavorful, and the teriyaki burger with pineapple slices offers an entirely different flavor experience. This is a great stop if you’re headed back from a hike in the North Cascades, or if you just need a quick lunch to keep you fueled up for the afternoon. You can eat outside at covered picnic tables, or take your food to one of the local parks along the river. Check out Skagit Valley Burgers Express’ website to learn more.

Skagit Valley’s Farmhouse Restaurant

13724 LaConner Whitney Rd, Mount Vernon

Another Highway 20 stop, Skagit Valley’s Farmhouse Restaurant is a great place to pull over for a bite on the way from Burlington to Anacortes. Specializing in hearty Americana, this is the place to go if you want an old fashioned burger and fries. They also offer the patty melt, a beef patty served on rye bread with Swiss cheese and grilled onions. All the sandwiches are served with a pickle as well, which guarantees a place in my heart. Check them out online at Skagit Valley Farmhouse Restaurant website for more details.

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