What is the Positive Action Program? “We talk about a lot of things in Positive Action. We learn about treating others with kindness,” said one member. “And manners,” added another youth after waiting to be called on, “like waiting your turn to speak and not chewing with your mouth open.”
Positive Action is based on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions. Our thoughts lead to actions and those actions lead to feelings about ourselves which in turn lead to more thoughts. When this cycle is positive, youth want to learn. When this cycle is negative, youth do not want to learn. The essence of the program is to emphasize those actions that promote a healthy and positive cycle. The Positive Action program works through these concepts in a systematic way, with curriculum provided by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
After completing the program, lead by Program Director Jayme Street, Club members were rewarded with a field trip to Riverside Lanes (Dec 12, 2019) where they gleefully bowled their little hearts out.
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