Find Treasures and Friends at Shelley’s Shack in Sedro-Woolley

Skagit County Shelley's Shack Furniture
Furniture and other items for sale at Shelley's Shack. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

Need to beautify your life? Look no further than Shelley’s Shack in Sedro-Woolley, it’s perfect for a girl’s day out or if you need a cool gift for your significant other. Shelley Perry is the entrepreneurial business woman who created this masterpiece. “I increase my clothing department every year,” she shares. “This year I want to add stylish, competitively priced plus-size clothing.” She goes to apparel shows in places like Dallas, Atlanta and Vegas to meet vendors she wants to use. “I usually go one or two times a year,” she adds.

Skagit County Shelley's Shack Owner
Shelley Perry, owner of Shelley’s Shack, make sure everyone feels welcome when they visit her store. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

Her trendy boutique is quite honestly dazzling with strands of lights that enchant every item. If her tasteful selection of clothing, jewelry, furniture and art weren’t enough, the fun, warm, inviting atmosphere of Shelley’s Shack could have you lost in fantasy for hours, exploring every little wonderful surprise you find hidden amongst the shelves and hangers like an I Spy book.

“I’m always trying to grow, evolve, be a better person,” Shelley explains. “I’m paying more attention to myself now more than ever. I feel great!” Born in Edmonds, she graduated from Meadowdale High School in 1977. Afterward, she went on to sell manufactured homes and work in home design. So why a store? “It’s funny you should ask that, even as a little girl I played store with my sisters,” she shares. This should have foretold her future to anyone who knew her. She used to want to own a restaurant, but then began focusing on her love of “funky junk and fashion,” she says.

Skagit County Shelley's Shack Store Front
Shelley’s eclectic store windows and signage beckons passerby’s to come in and find treasures. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

In 2012 Shelley quit the manufactured home sales business and took a year off before working at Mount Vernon’s Re-feather Your Nest, another cute and trendy consignment shop. Then she had a realization. “If I’m going to work so hard, I might as well do it my way, you know,” she shares. After a year at Re-feather Your Nest, Shelley opened up her first “shack” at a tiny place located in the same lot as the old feed store. A year later, a friend of Shelley’s asked her to lease the building at 225 State Street. It was as though fate had drawn that building and her together. Three years later, Shelley’s Shack is a staple for locals and visitors alike.

A Gemini by nature, Shelley has created a fun, interesting and busy workplace. Parents with kids have an easy time shopping here because there are so many knick-knacks to occupy children’s attention, while grown-ups peruse the nooks and crannies. Shelley is a grandma with two grandchildren, a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old. She also has three grown children of her own, a human resources director, a server and a tattoo artist. In fact, her tattoo artist son offers paint classes at Shelley’s Shack a few times a month. Painting nights are scheduled and announced via Facebook.

Bringing Local Artists Together

Skagit County Shelley's Shack Paint Class
Painting night with the community at Shelley’s Shack. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

Shelley’s best friend from high school, Carla, inspired her to host the paint classes her son currently teaches. Carla is an artist and Shelley wanted to give her a venue to express herself, but she later took her art on a different path, vacating the position for Shelley’s son. Shelley’s other friends have found venues within her store as well. Wooly Wicks is a delightful soy candle company made by Heidi Goldsmith, can be found there. Lynn Childs, another local, refurbishes all of the furniture for sale in Shelley’s Shack. The jewelry she sells is made by Andrea Wikstrom’s B.U.tiful. Bunnies By The Bay is featured in Shelley’s baby section. This company originated out of Anacortes decades ago and has since relocated its factories to China, but customers reportedly enjoy seeing their merchandise around again. “I just wanted to bring them back,” says Shelley. She even promotes an Instagram friend from Michigan, Karen Crawford. Her Wise Owl Paints can be found in Shelley’s Shack too. It seems like Shelley is a good friend to have. She joked that she could start a family business when she expands to incorporate a cafe if her daughters joined on with her tattoo artist son. As she plans her cafe area, Shelley knows she wants the menu to be keto-friendly and offer coffee, soups and sandwiches.

An ideal day off for Shelley involves being quiet and alone with family, doing yard work, cleaning and cooking. “There are stresses with everything, but you gotta forge on, don’t pay attention to the negativity,” she says. It certainly seems that Shelley lives by her own advice. “It’s not about making a buck, it’s about connection, it’s about the people.” Which she very clearly demonstrates with her high priority on customer service. She wants her customers to feel cared for and have a quality experience each visit.

Skagit County Shelley's Shack Parakeets
Chip and Joanna are the parakeets that chirp away as a sweet and natural alert to new customers in the store. Photo credit: Aurora Potts

Shelley’s Shack is not just a home for her family and customers, but a couple of feathered friends as well. Be sure to say hi to Chip and Joanna, two four-year-old female parakeets, when you stop by. They were named after HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper. The pair kindly alert Shelley when customers enter the store if she’s not within earshot. Beware, despite updating her address with all the proper authorities and Google Maps, for some reason many GPS devices direct people to the old store’s location. Make sure you’re across the street from the Woolley Market when you check out Shelley’s Shack.

Shelley’s Shack
225 State Street, Sedro-Woolley
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday: CLOSED

Skagit County Shelley's Shack Fashion
Shelley’s strategically placed string lights enhance her already beautifully selected clothing for sale. Photo credit: Aurora Potts
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