Choosing an obstetrician (OB/Gyn) is deeply personal. Women need to feel comfortable and at ease with their provider, who will help them usher new life into this world. PeaceHealth now offers OB services with two providers – Chee Tan, MD, and Natalie Weatherby, CNM, ARNP – in their Sedro-Woolley clinic, giving local women more choice and availability.

PeaceHealth Dr Tan Skagit County
Dr. Tan sees patients in Sedro-Woolley two days per month. Photo credit: Anna Black

Tan, a Bellingham resident, received his medical degree at the University of Western Ontario, Canada in 2003 and did his residency at Akron City Hospital in Ohio. Having grown up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the snow and cold of Ontario, Ohio, and Washington took some getting used to. His first job, post-residency, was at Sea Mar Clinic in Mount Vernon where he worked under Dr. Logan. He has been practicing in the area ever since.

Natalie Weatherby received her training at Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing, which is located in Hyden, Kentucky. She is certified through the American Midwifery Certification Board.

“There’s a need for more OBs in Skagit,” Tan explains. By establishing a presence in Sedro-Woolley, patients will have better access to OB/Gyn providers.

“The building is beautiful,” Tan says of the new location. “It’s like walking into a hotel.” He’s right. The glass-fronted clinic invites visitors into an expansive space that is both modern and clean, while also being comfortable. Women are lucky to have this beautiful place in which to receive care.

But the experience at any office comes down to the practitioner, and Tan has some thoughts on what makes a good provider of obstetric care, in particular. “Listening to patients is important,” he says. “And I think a lot of patients commend me on that. The one fault with a lot of providers is that they want to fix the problem. But I think, although that’s part of being a provider, patients want to be heard, to have time spent with their providers.”

This seems evident, as he’s in no rush while we talk. He’s listening to my questions and answering thoughtfully. “Patients want to establish trust,” he continues, “and I think that’s important. Especially when it comes to obstetrics. You want to be able to trust somebody that will take care of you and your baby. That trust can only be cultivated by spending time with your patient.”

Tan is that trustworthy physician, says Weatherby. “I have worked with Dr. Tan for many years, first at Skagit Valley hospital and now at PeaceHealth,” she says, “I would trust him to care for any member of my family! He is committed to giving the highest level of care to each of his patients and is personable and approachable.”

PeaceHealth OB Clinic Sedro Woolley
The clinic is clean, modern, and full of fun touches like using local streets as hallway names. Photo credit: Anna Black

Tan and Weatherby are currently available at the clinic twice per month, each, and more in Bellingham. The Sedro-Woolley clinic has room for new patients, and the providers are excited to care for those who need it. “This is a new service that PeaceHealth is providing,” Tan explains. As his practice grows, he will add additional days in Sedro-Woolley.

Tan and Weatherby are part of a group of providers that boasts six practitioners and six midwives. Expectant mothers seen at the clinic will deliver in Bellingham at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center’s Childbirth Center, so patients are routinely encouraged to see as many practice providers as possible, given that any one of them may be on call at the time of delivery. Hospital midwifery care is a service Sedro-Woolley sorely needed and she’s excited to be able to provide that care, Weatherby shares. She adds that the midwives and OBs work well together. “All the midwives appreciate our OB colleagues and our working relationships.”

Patients are seen monthly for the first and second trimesters, every two weeks for the next two months, and then weekly for the last few weeks of the pregnancy. “There will come a point where they will need to actually drive up to Bellingham to see us for their prenatal visits,” Tan says.

PeaceHealth Sedro Woolley Clinic
The Sedro-Woolley clinic provides top-notch care for women. Photo credit: Anna Black

New patients meet one-on-one with a nurse who will talk to them about medications, what to stay avoid, the CenteringPregnancy program, call schedules, screening options and ultrasounds. They can answer any questions or address any concerns a patient may have.

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center boasts private rooms in their Childbirth Center and mothers can be connected to Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring, which allows them more freedom of movement during labor. There is a tub to labor in (though they don’t offer water births) and doctors routinely offer delayed cord clamping, patient-controlled pushing choices, and immediate mom and baby skin-to-skin contact.

In addition to OB/Gyn services, the Sedro-Woolley location offers a walk-in clinic, urologists, orthopedists and other visiting specialists. Those needing to schedule can call them at 360-856-8810 or book online via the PeaceHealth website.

1990 Hospital Drive, Sedro-Woolley


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