With farms to the east, and fishing in the west, Skagit Valley is the place for real, local food. Whether you’re looking to make a change to healthier eating or want to support local producers, you can find amazingly delicious meals made with local ingredients. Not sure where to start your feasting? Here’s a list of some of the farm-to-table restaurants in Skagit Valley.

PeaceHealth logoNell Thorn

116 S. 1st Street, La Conner


Since it’s opening in 2001, Nell Thorn has been the godfather of farm-to-table dining in Skagit Valley. New owners Ted Furst, Albie Bjornberg and James Donahue aim to continue that legacy while adding their own flavor. Their menu changes daily to reflect seasonal ingredients while allowing creative freedom in the kitchen. Subtle changes appear in the form of new soups and seasonal vegetable sides. The vegan cheesecake has an ever-changing, decadent flavor.  Even the butter isn’t overlooked, with chive one week and herbs de Skagit the next, served with to-die-for housemade sourdough bread. They sell the bread by the loaf: Try it toasted with the grilled octopus and harissa aioli. They are open for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Drink Your Veggies

Farm to Table Restaurants in Skagit Valley Drink Your Veggies
Drink Your Veggies’ signature breakfast is a slice of Shambala Bakery gluten-free bread piled high with avocado, hummus, beets, greens, and balsamic from the olive oil shop across the street. Photo credit: Britt Dussault

705 Commercial Ave., Anacortes


For the on-the-go healthy eater or anyone looking to overhaul their diet, Drink Your Veggies is the place to go. Their mission is to encourage people to eat healthy, whole foods: Whether it’s a superfood packed juice or an avocado toast piled high with extra veggies. Their wide variety of nutritious eats are all plant-based and gluten-free, with everything being 95 percent organic and sourced as close to home as possible. Drink Your Veggies also offers detox and meal planning services to help you reach your health goals. Visit their website for more information on starting a juice cleanse and follow them on Instagram for fun giveaways and more!

Third Street Cafe

Farm to Table Restaurants in Skagit Valley Third Street Cafe Bakes
Third Street Cafe’s baked goods are supplied in-house by their Crust & Crumb bakery. Have a sit-down breakfast in the restaurant or get a sticky bun to-go from the bakery counter. Photo courtesy: Third Street Cafe

309 South Third Street., Mount Vernon


Third Street Cafe in historic downtown Mount Vernon is the latest creation of the Skagit Valley Food Co-Op. Serving up brunch, lunch, and dinner, Third Street Cafe pulls from a bevy of local suppliers to make their menus some of the freshest around. A few items are even made from scratch in-house, including baked goods, ice cream and infused spirits. Their housemade sauces add a special touch to classic dishes, such as the steak and fries served with paprika aioli or the Oregon Country meatloaf with smoked tomato jam. Visit the Third Street Cafe website to view menus and learn more about their partner delicatessen, C-Square market.

The Rhododendron Cafe

5521 Chuckanut Dr., Bow


Turn The Rhododendron Cafe—also known as The Rhody—into your new go-to and steadily work your way through a menu that reads like a map of the neighborhood. From brunch to dinner, you’re likely to be eating something from just up the road or the garden out back. All in a colorful, eclectic setting that looks part wine bistro and part farmhouse. Be sure to visit The Rhody’s sister eatery, the Farm-to-Market Bakery, next door for a lime-soaked polenta cake to-go. Visit The Rhody’s website for menus and their Facebook page for the latest updates.


Farm to Table Restaurants in Skagit Valley Nell Thorn Chicken
Every restaurant should have a roast chicken dish they’re proud of and Nell Thorn’s is certainly that dish. If you can’t finish the generous portion in one sitting, get it to-go for a fantastic midnight snack. Photo credit: Britt Dussault

510 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes


Adrift’s tagline is “swell food,” which means they make “fantastic, splendid, superb” food. Or it’s a sea pun. But with menu items made-to-order using locally supplied meat, seafood, and produce, it’s probably not a sea pun. It would fit with their chic nautical decor, Dungeness crab cakes, and pan-fried oyster burger but no, probably not a sea pun. Visit Adrift’s website to view their menus and try their swell food for yourself.

A’Town Bistro

418 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes360-899-4001

Walking into A’Town Bistro feels like walking into a chic farmhouse kitchen. Which is fitting given the menu offers unique eats like oxtail stroganoff and wild boar burgers, while also utilizing local, seasonal fare provided by the farmers, fishermen and foragers of Skagit Valley. A’Town Bistro loves interacting with their community and regularly updates Facebook to let customers know about paella weekends, new menu items, or that they’re bringing back their fried chicken and waffles by popular demand. Your cheat day will thank you. Visit the A’Town Bistro website for more information on their menus and that fried chicken.

Slough Food

5766 Cains Court Suite B, Edison


Inspired by owner John DeGloria’s time spent eating his way through a farmer’s market in Rome, Slough Food is part delicatessen and part cafe. The blend of offerings—both on the shelf and on the plate—showcase European favorites mixed with local fare. Menu items are kept on the simpler side with charcuterie spreads, soups, salads, and sandwiches, but that gives the ingredients a chance to shine. Follow them on Instagram for behind-the-scenes peeks at oyster parties, pig roasts, and paella nights… and then check out their events calendar so you don’t miss the next food party!

Farm to Table Restaurants in Skagit Valley map
The Bow-Edison area, home to The Rhody Cafe and Slough Foods, is such a farm-to-table community they have their own food trail map for visitors. Photo courtesy: Bow Hill Blueberries
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