Inslee Extends Face Covering Requirement for Businesses Statewide and Halts County Advancements

Photo courtesy; Washington State Governor's Office

Submitted by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

Gov. Jay Inslee and Sec. of Health John Wiesman announced a statewide requirement for businesses to require face coverings of all employees and customers.

Under this proclamation, businesses may not serve any customer, services or goods, if they do not comply with the state-wide face covering order.

The extension comes in response to growing case counts in counties across the state, and after last week’s proclamation mandating the same requirement of businesses in Yakima County.

“We’re doing this because of a spike in cases of COVID-19 all over the state,” Inslee said. “The better we can protect ourselves from the virus, the better we can avoid repeating some of the painful measures we had to take in the spring to shutdown the economy.”

Read the rest of the story on the governor’s Medium page.

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