It’s Undeniable the Power of Water: How Clean Is Yours?

Submitted by Barron Heating & Air Conditioning

From underwater roads to thousands of homes experiencing standing water, displacement, or worse, the historic flooding and sub-freezing temperature events of 2021 have brought an onslaught of damages to our community. But the damage goes far beyond what is visible. With extreme winter weather comes excess water, which carries with it harmful contaminants that enter our waterways, wells, and municipal water systems.

Typical stormwater from rain or snow either permeates the soil or remains on top of impermeable surfaces like pavement and roofs, flowing as runoff. In addition to soil erosion, reduced groundwater levels, and habitat impairment, excess stormwater can be highly polluted, picking up any and every contaminant in its path. Soil, pesticides, animal waste, salt, oil…it’s all swept into the stream.

Whether you’re taking a shower or washing the dishes, the average family home uses more than 300 gallons of water every day. And with a wide range of bacteria and pollutants that can create concerns for your health and home, it’s essential to ensure that water is clean. There are several steps you can take to improve your water quality. A Sediment and Carbon Filter Cartridge Set is a great first line of defense, as it oxidizes specific impurities like iron, chlorine, and sulfur in your water, catching contaminants before they pass through your tap. This type of filter can also remove other nuisance contaminants, all adding up to water with better smell and taste.

Unlike a filter that removes chemicals and improves taste, a UV Water Treatment System treats water that is confirmed for microbiological contamination. With this system, water is exposed to UV light as it passes through a steel chamber, killing bacteria and viruses otherwise missed by softeners or filters. Paired with pre-filtration, a UV Water Treatment System creates the ultimate safety net for clean water in your home.

Finally, a water softener is the match for hard water. It exchanges minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron for low levels of sodium, resulting in water that is easier on your pipes, appliances, skin, and hair. Combined with a water conditioner, a full Point-Of-Entry Water Conditioning and Treatment System takes a traditional softener to the next level, filtering out additional minerals and raising the pH level of acidic water as needed.

While flooding can take a toll on water quality, prolonged freezing temperatures can damage equipment, leaving water equally unusable. From frozen wells to frozen pipes causing limited access, leakage, or repeated flooding, it’s no mystery why winter weather can be so destructive. Even existing water treatment systems can be taken out by flooding or cold temperatures, especially if the systems are installed outside or on an outer wall.

It’s undeniable the power of water—both good and bad. And when extreme events touch our community like the flooding and cold in our corner of Washington, it becomes apparent that people aren’t taking their water for granted. Having access to clean, quality water straight from the tap is key to a truly comfortable and healthy home. Our Barron Plumbing team of experts is ready to help. For a limited time, get up to $400 in combined savings with a series of treatment systems, including $50 off a Sediment and Carbon Filter Cartridge Set$100 off a UV Anti-Bacteria System, and/or $250 off a Water Conditioning and Treatment System. Give us a call today! As your Pacific Northwest home and building performance experts since 1972, we stand by Our Mission: Improving Lives.

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