Boba tea. Bubble tea. Pearl tea. Whatever you call it, it all means the same thing, delicious! Bubble tea is made by adding small tapioca balls, which have been boiled and then bathed in sugar or honey, to your favorite drink. The chewy texture is a delicious addition, whether you like it iced, blended or even hot. There a few places you can get bubble tea in Skagit County and the surrounding areas.

Burlington Home Style Smoothies

thai milk tea with boba and a yellow straw
Some customers swear Burlington Home Style Smoothie boba is the best, so definitely give it a try and see for yourself. Photo courtesy: Burlington Home Style Smoothie

641 E Fairhaven Avenue, Burlington

If you’re craving Boba tea in Skagit County, start with Burlington Home Style Smoothies. They have all kinds of bubble tea with a Mexican Twist. If you’ve passed by wondering what’s inside, stop! The menu is all in Spanish, but the workers are super kind and are happy to help you order your boba drink and even a snack to pair with it. If you’re a mango lover—and who isn’t??—be sure to try their many fruit plates and cups, many of which include fresh mango. The Vasos de fruta is a great choice and pairs well with your bubble tea.

Speaking of bubble tea…Burlington Home Style Smoothies has many options for bubble smoothies. They also offer several jellies you can add to your smoothies too. Some customers swear their boba is the best, so definitely give it a try and see for yourself.

You can order for takeout or get your bubble tea delivered by GrubHub.

BITE Teriyaki and Pho

When it comes to bubble tea, BITE Teriyaki and Pho have a nice-sized menu including shakes, ices and milk teas. A personal favorite is lavender milk tea with boba. Photo courtesy: BITE Teriyaki and Pho

323 E College Way, Mount Vernon

BITE Teriyaki and Pho is a great place to get boba tea in Mount Vernon, especially if you are hungry as well! They have good selection of sushi, pho and teriyaki to satisfy any craving. They even have tofu options for vegetarians.

When it comes to bubble tea, they have a nice-sized menu including shakes, iced and milk teas. A personal favorite is lavender milk tea with boba. It’s a soft flavor that just really pairs nicely with the tapioca and it not one seen at many bubble tea shops. Of course, they offer the classics Thai milk tea, black milk tea and taro milk tea. In addition to traditional boba, they also offer strawberry and mango boba and a couple jellies too.

Order your bubble tea for delivery using GrubHub, dine in or takeout.

The Boba Toons

The Boba Toons is a fun boba tea shop in Oak Harbor has all kinds of drinks featuring your favorite tapioca pearls. Photo courtesy: The Boba Toons

32185 State Route 20 Suite 4B, Oak Harbor

If youre taking a day trip to the islands and feel like a break for boba, try The Boba Toons. This fun boba tea shop has all kinds of drinks featuring your favorite tapioca pearls! They have smoothies including unique flavors such as coffee and caramel mocha, many types of milk teas, refreshers and more. At The Boba Toons, you have choices when it comes to the milk they use for your tea, including organic oat, unsweetened almond and organic soy. Of course, they plenty of boba! From classic black pearls and brown sugar pearls—these are great if you like extra sweet drinks!—to strawberry popping boba, they have all kinds! They also have several jellies, including coffee and the popular lychee, and red beans. A classic Thai milk tea with almond milk, boba and rainbow jelly is a personal favorite. If you want something different, try their HAZELNUTcracker milk tea or the ScoobyDEW. You really can’t go wrong. No phone or website, so just drop by or visit them on The Boba Toons Facebook page.

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