The Skagit County Fair is here once again and for many of us, it means fair food and carnival rides. For the hard-working FFA and 4-H members, it means a chance to finally show off the projects they have been lovingly working on for the entire year. For Lane Lloyd, it’s all about the cats.

Lane holding his tabby cat
:ane Lloyd has been in Skagit County 4-H for seven years. Photo courtesy: Darcie Lloyd

From Concrete, Lane, 16, has been in 4-H for seven years and is a member for the Furs and Things 4-H Club. His mother, Darcie Lloyd, got her son into 4-H after speaking to friends about the program. “When we got our cat, it was a perfect opportunity to join since he could show and learn about our cat,” she explains. “Lane is not really into sports and this is a great for him to learn and share that knowledge. He has really grown and become more confident and enjoys the friends and fun he has and is proud of his accomplishments.”

In the past, Lane has also worked with their dog, Skye, competing in agility and obedience. And he also does performance art, which he will be showcasing this year at fair as well. “He plays electric guitar for performing arts,” says Darcie. “Our club typically does a lip sync for performing arts as well.”

But he is most looking forward to showing some cattitude on the judge’s table with his cat, a domestic shorthair named Fireheart. He will be doing cat fitting and showmanship at the Skagit County Fair. For this project, kids learn how to present themselves, to prepare the cat for showing, how to handle the cat safely, as well as know what the judge is looking for and be able to demonstrate a knowledge of cats. It takes hard work and lots of preparation.

lane lloyd standing with this tabby cat on a judging table for Skagit County 4-H
Lane Lloyd is looking forward to showing his cat at the Skagit County Fair 2022. Photo courtesy: Darcie Lloyd

That hard work doesn’t stop when the Fair rolls around, in fact, Lane says the Fair is definitely challenging. “Time management is challenging because I have so much going on with my projects,” he explains. “I have to keep checking on my animals to make sure they are ok, especially with the heat.”

4-H has taught Lane a number of things. “How to take care of animals and handle animals,” he says when asked what he has learned. “I have done some sewing, cage decorating and costume making for my animals. My self-confidence has increased. I have learned to teach and share with younger members.”

And when asked what he is most looking forward to at the Fair this year? “Showing my cat because I have worked all year to get ready,” Lane responds.

To learn more about 4-H, visit the Washington State University Extension website. Visit the Skagit County Fair happening August 10-13 at the Skagit County Fairgrounds in Mount Vernon and look for Lane and his projects. Stop and talk to the kids. They’ve worked hard on their projects and love telling people about them. You just may learn something new and discover a new hobby for yourself!

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