Pet Stores with Self Wash Dog Stations in Skagit County

We love to take our dogs with us on adventures, to the ocean, up the mountain, through the creeks. But when it’s time to go home, it can be hard to imagine letting our happy but thoroughly dirty dog back into our home. Self-wash dog stations in Skagit County are the answer! They have all the tools and products you need to get your dog clean. In fact, you might find that with bathtubs at standing height to save your back and dryers to save you time, you prefer to head to the self-wash dog stations at these pet stores in Skagit County anytime your dog is in need of a bath.

 self-wash dog station area inside Julz Animal Houz.
Pamper yourself and your dog by using the incredible self-wash dog station area inside Julz Animal Houz. You will be so pleased to not have to clean up your bathroom after you’ve cleaned your dog! Photo courtesy: Julz Animal Houz

Julz Animal Houz

204 Fashion Way, Burlington

Julz Animal Houz is a pet store in Burlington that offers a large self-wash dog service. They have stainless steel stubs with ramps that save your back and make it easy for your dog to get inside. They provide aprons to keep you clean and dry. Choose from a selection of shampoos, conditioners and leave-in conditioners. They also have Zoom Groom brushes, towels and grooming dryers to get your pup clean and dry quickly. There is a 30 minute time limit for baths.

Pet Place Market

912 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes

Does your dog need a spa treatment? The Pet Place Market has a self-wash dog station in Anacortes that is available by appointment or walk-in. The friendly workers will set the area up for you and clean up afterward! They can also provide you with cleaning tips and tricks to really get Fido clean. They have elevated tups, forced air dryers and hydraulic grooming tables to save your back and your time. They have towels, shampoo, conditioner, facewash, finishing sprays, grooming supplies – including de-shedding tools – nail clippers, and aprons to keep you dry. Need allergy shampoo or a flea dip? These are available at no extra charge! To make an appointment, call or email

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