Regardless of how often you think about the heating, cooling, electrical, or plumbing systems in your home, it’s inevitable that they’ll need monitoring and maintenance.

Barron Heating and Air Conditioning  tech and van in snow
It’s inevitable that the heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing systems in your home will need monitoring and maintenance. Barron is there for you. Photo courtesy: Barron Heating and Air Conditioning

While many of us don’t think about these systems until they stop working properly, Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing experts think about them day in and day out. The company’s proactive, WholeHome approach to home performance has made it a Northwest leader for 50 years, helping residents prioritize the comfort, health, and energy efficiency of their homes.

That’s why Barron proudly offers its Silver Shield Preferred Memberships to add further value and peace of mind to its professional service standards. A Silver Shield membership in HVAC, electrical, or plumbing offers homeowners an assortment of money- and time-saving perks, starting at just $20 a month.

“Silver Shield has been a trusted name in the communities we work in for many years,” says Barron’s Director of Service Blake Trafton.

In fact, Dan Barron — father of current Barron CEO John Barron — originally offered what were then referred to as “Gold Shield Memberships” during his time running the company.

Leaning into that legacy, today’s Silver Shield memberships offer no overtime rates, priority service for emergency repairs, one-year workmanship guarantees on parts and labor, and two stellar discounts: 20% off diagnostic services, parts, and labor, plus a 5% discount on equipment upgrades and system enhancements.

Each trade-specific membership also offers a “WholeHome” performance assessment or inspection, plus annual and comprehensive performance maintenance.

Trafton says becoming a member provides value across the entire lifecycle of your home’s equipment, whether it’s a water heater, generator, furnace, or air conditioning unit.

The ‘no overtime’ rates of membership can often pay for itself in just one visit, Trafton says, but the peace of mind that priority service provides is the reason many people choose to invest in membership. That includes Trafton’s parents.

“They know they’re not going to be waiting in the cold if their furnace has a problem,” he says. “They’re straight to the front of the line, and they’re going to get taken care of.”

The extreme weather conditions of 2021 — which ranged from record-setting triple-digit temperatures in June to single-digit temperatures in December — are also a reminder of how membership can protect your home and keep systems at top performance throughout the year.

Barron Heating and Air Conditioning truck
Priority service means you are always at the head of the line. From routine tune-ups to an unexpected breakdown in extreme weather conditions Barron puts its members first. Photo courtesy: Barron Heating and Air Conditioning

And even if extreme weather doesn’t affect your home, the preventative effect of annual performance maintenance is still fantastic. Checkups ensure your equipment continues running at originally engineered levels over time, which can be important for several reasons, Trafton says. This includes manufacturer warranties, some of which stipulate presentation of maintenance records in order to be honored.

“Just like you don’t jump in the car and drive across the country without getting an expert to look at your car, you don’t want to run these systems into the ground and ignore them year after year, expecting the same results,” he says.

For “WholeHome™” assessments, an HVAC membership includes a full air duct inspection, if needed. These inspections are recommended for homes built more than 10 years ago and are included in the cost of annual membership at no additional charge — a nearly $500 value.

Electrical membership includes a full safety inspection of all electrical components in the home by a certified Barron electrician. They’ll be sure to identify outdated and degraded wiring, oversized fuses, and breakers, and other common issues.

At the plumbing level, a 10-point “Drain & Flush” inspection will ensure toilets, faucets, drains, and water pressures are all where they need to be. And like all Silver Shield inspections, the Barron team even has their eye on the small stuff. A leaky toilet or faucet, for example, can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day, adding big bucks to your annual water and sewer bill — that’s no small change.

All in all, these memberships can save homeowners hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, depending upon individual circumstances. The comfort, health, and energy efficiency of your home matters to Barron, and as Trafton points out, they want to ensure their members don’t have to worry when services are needed.

“We want to understand what the customer wants and needs, and to provide options and solutions for them,” he says. “And for those who are busy and just want their equipment to work, that’s what we’re here for.”

For more on Silver Shield memberships, see the Barron website.


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