I am indulging in some well-deserved “me time,” seeking solace for my mind, body, and spirit amongst the beautiful and healing landscape of Bow Sanctuary. Located in Bow, Washington with massage, yoga classes, saunas and more, it’s a great place for wellness.

I lie, face up, on my mat in what is known as the Savasana pose. A posture of relaxation in Yoga. My eyes are softly closed with the filtered light from the numerous windows reaching beyond my lids. The sensation of the wooden floor beneath me provides gentle support, its warmth mirroring that of my muscles after a session in the barrel sauna room.

Exploring The Vision of Bow Sanctuary

A pot of green Sakura Sencha tea sits between us. Beth Rusk, the visionary and proprietor of Bow Sanctuary, pours the hot liquid into two clay-fired tea cups. As I lean back allowing my tea to cool, I immerse myself in the inviting, lush, mid-century decor and listen to Beth’s story and genesis of Bow Sanctuary.

Beth’s dream of establishing a holistic healing center began nearly five years ago, culminating in its realization this past June. With a background in bodywork and yoga instruction, she envisioned a space for profound healing, emphasizing that, “Healing begins within us and we want to offer services to support that.”

wooden picnic table inside a building
Meet for lunch inside the lush cafe at Bow Sanctuary in Bow, Washington. Photo credit: MaryRose Denton

Services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, counseling and yoga classes are all currently offered in the healing center, with new offerings continuously being added to the roster.

Initially, her vision was clear but one question tugged at her mind, “How to do it?” She turned to her husband Brian, brother Johnny and sister-in-law Brittany for assistance. Becoming a company of four they put a plan in place. “We looked at lots of options for space,” recollects Beth, “everything from urban settings to building something from scratch.”

Then, as kismet would have it, they stumbled upon the 8-acre property along Chuckanut Drive, where the mountains meet the bountiful Skagit Valley. All the elements aligned, and Beth found her answer to the pivotal question, “How do we do this?”

A lot of hard work and sweat equity ensued to bring Bow Sanctuary into being like many worthwhile endeavors in life. “We strive to cultivate community and with the gardens a welcoming space to all,” Beth explains. “We believe connection with others is what sustains us. And connection is so needed right now, connection with nature, others, and even ourselves.”

barrel sauna with two plants in planters and a stone path
Relax in the barrel sauna as a prelude to a yoga class at Bow Sanctuary. Photo credit: MaryRose Denton

Massage Therapy, Yoga and More in Bow

Before entering the yoga studio, I meander the grounds of Bow Sanctuary pausing to walk the labyrinth. I allow myself a few moments of introspection, connecting with my thoughts.

Community and connection are vital themes throughout the sanctuary, with expansive gathering areas and a profusion of events, workshops, and services designed to foster unity.

Look for Qi Gong classes, full moon labyrinth walks, and sound baths to round out the offerings of massage, yoga and acupuncture. And don’t forget to savor a few minutes luxuriating inside the barrel sauna – the perfect prelude or follow-up to a yoga class or massage.

stone pathway in a spiral pattern surrounded by grass
Walk the labyrinth for some introspection and ‘me-time’ at Bow Sanctuary. Photo credit: MaryRose Denton

The Future at Bow Sanctuary

Beth’s vision for Bow Sanctuary extends beyond its present state. She emphasizes that they are growing in sustainable and organic ways, focusing on making this their life’s work while relishing the present moment.

“We have considered adding other water elements but mainly we are growing by continually adding more retreats and full-day offerings.” These endeavors aim to fortify community bonds by drawing in teachers from near and far and supporting local farmers with community dinners. She even sees yoga teacher training as part of Bow Sanctuary’s future. All of these contribute to the big picture, a welcome oasis of wellness in the Chuckanut neighborhood.

Rolling up my yoga mat at the end of class, I leave the warmth of the classroom and step outside into the light rain. Breathing deeply, I pause to reflect on Beth’s words, “Connection and community are so needed now.”  You can find both at Bow Sanctuary. For more information, visit the Bow Sanctuary website.

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