With another year upon us, now is the time to think about all the fun things you would like to do! You may by thinking you want to do things, but also don’t want to travel far from home. Thankfully, there is plenty to do locally to keep you busy for the entire year! Here are 22 things to do in Skagit County in 2022.

Anacortes murals history Wild-Bill-Bessner-and-his-Indian
“Wild Bill” Bessner and his Indian motorcycle, located on the front of the Wheelhouse Bar on Commercial Avenue in Anacortes. Photo credit: Cathleen Enns

1 – Take a History Walk in Anacortes

Getting out and active is always a good New Year’s resolution. Why not see some history at the same time? Take a walk through the Anacortes Murals and see a slice of history while getting some exercise.

2 – Catch a Race at Skagit Speedway

Fun entertainment for the whole family can be found at the Skagit Speedway. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It has a rich history and a bright future.

3 – Try the New Whidbey Island Bagel Factory in Mount Vernon

You may not have known that in October of 2021, the famed Whidbey Island Bagel Factory opened a new location in Mount Vernon. Make 2022 the time you visit for the first time, but it won’t be your last.

4- Tour Bow Hill Blueberries

A fun outing for adults as well as families with kids is a tour of the Bow Hill Blueberry farm. The oldest, family-run blueberry farm in the county produces all kinds of products from their sweet fruits. They also have a u-pick season, another fun thing to do in the Skagit Valley.

La Conner History Gauches Mansion
The Gaches Mansion, a Victorian-style, 1891-built home, was renovated after severe damage in a 1973 fire. Photo credit: Matt Benoit

5 – Visit the Gaches Mansion

Located in La Conner, the Gaches Mansion should definitely be on your bucket list for 2022. Home to the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum, the building itself is a piece of history waiting to be discovered.

6 – Get Your Kids on the Radio

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get your kids interested in more activities away from the screen, head to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County. They have a kid’s radio show on KSVU 90.1 that the kids put on. Who knows, your child could be 2022’s biggest hit.

7 – Learn to Snowshoe

Winter weather shouldn’t stop you from being active! Start and end 2022 right with this guide of places to snowshoe in Skagit County.

8 – Watch a Movie Filmed in the Skagit Valley

Sometimes it’s just nice to chill-out and watch a flick. Why not pick one that was filmed right here in Skagit County? This is a great item to put on your 2022 bucket list for a quiet date night.

9 – Plan a Party with A Dash of Adorable

It’s possible you didn’t know about this awesome, woman-owned small business right here in Skagit, but now that you do, it definitely needs to be on your to do list for 2022. Owner Linda Larsen can plan the event of your dreams – from coming to your business with a craft event to planning the corporate party of the year.

Joanie Schwarz Working in her Fused Glass Studio on Commercial Avenue in Anacortes. Photo credit: Cathy Enns

10 – Learn to Fuse Glass

If learning a new hubby or craft is on your 2022 New Years resolution list, then head to Joanie Schwartz Glass in Anacortes. There, you can take a class on fused glass. You just might find your new passion.

11 – Have Tea at The Old Town Grainery

If you think having tea is just for people in tiaras, think again. 2022 is the year you should find out why so many people just love taking time for traditional tea at The Old Town Grainery Tea Room. (And if you want to wear a tiara, that’s cool too!)

12 – Relax at Kiket Island

Sometimes we know we need some downtime in the coming year. So, make plans now to visit Kiket Island in 2022. You’ll be glad you explore this slice of heaven.

13 – Volunteer at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley

If you are looking to give back in 2022, why not volunteer at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley. And, being around all those animals is sure to help your mental health.

14 – Catch a Show at the Concrete Theatre

If you haven’t seen the revival of this historical treasure, 2022 is the year do it. The Concrete Theatre’s owners have worked hard and long to revive the location, which has even more in store in the future including an ice cream parlor. Step back in time with each visit at this iconic landmark.

Nancy Ruhlman’s large Victorian home is filled with vintage and antique furnishings throughout. Photo courtesy: Nancy Ruhlman

15 – Plan a Staycation at Nancy Ruhlman’s Airbnb

A stay at Nancy Ruhlman’s Victorian treasure in Mount Vernon is a must for any 2022 bucket list. Airbnb guests love the homey-feel and Nancy’s warm welcome.

16 – Volunteer with the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy

Looking for a different way to give back in 2022? Try being a volunteer for the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy. Who knows, you may decide to join the academy!

17 – Explore Guemes Island

Just a short trip, the beautiful Guemes Island should be on everyone’s to do list for 2022. Get a map and spend the day exploring.

18 – Visit the Anacortes Museum

A fun outing for history buffs, the Anacortes Museum used to be a public library. It’s a great place to explore the history of the area.

Meet the alpacas at South Fork Farms. Photo credit: Cathleen Enns

19 – Learn About Alpacas

Another fun farm to visit is South Fork Farms. A bucket list must for any animal lover, these cuties will steal your heart and provide for some great mental therapy in 2022.

20 – Take your Dog on More Walks

Nothing can help you keep your fitness goals better than to share them with your four-legged best friend! Check out these dog-friendly trails and dog parks to be more active in 2022.

21 – Ride a Horse

Is riding a horse on your bucket list for 2022? Check out these places, some of which have horses for you to rent right here in the Skagit Valley.

22 – Slow Down at Slough Food Deli

Wanting to find some new places to eat in 2022? Check out Slough Food Deli in Bow. This deli counter-style restaurant is just what you’ve been looking for.

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